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Book: How To Write Great Music

Dave's book, published in 2015, is designed to support music students of all ages as they develop their understanding of     the creation of new music. It is now used in over 400 schools across the UK and is an officially recommended text on the new AQA GCSE Music Specification for examination from 2018.

An insight into the process of composition from first idea to final product, including real-world examples and a composition toolkit containing hundreds of decisions or choices that can be made while composing. The ideal companion for anyone interested in writing great music.

"Writing music is an amazing experience. Having the opportunity to create something that many others will listen to, that many will make their own judgments about, and that some will choose to enjoy over and over again. I’ve always been fascinated by music. From a very early age I have explored ways to create my own music and I’ve now been composing for more than 30 years.

I’ve met many people who would like to be able to write music too, but they feel discouraged by a lack of knowledge, understanding or process. I am fortunate to have met many inspirational music professionals from all over the world. They have helped me to develop my craft and, now as a teacher of music, I have the absolute privilege of sharing my experiences of writing music with others too.

This book is aimed at people at all stages of their musical journeys, including pre-musicians. It can be read cover-to-cover or as a reference book for more advanced composers to dip in and out."

Dave Lowe

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